Driving a Digitized Roadmap

Driving a Digitized Roadmap copyright ©2016 Ej (Ted) Lister Picture yourself behind the wheel of a Maserati on a warm summer’s day, cruising down narrow cobblestone streets, accelerating through winding switchbacks, navigating your way to the seaside with instructions from the quietly accented voice of your GPS. You white-knuckle the wheel, shift through the gears,[…]

Digitization and Data Management

This post was co-written by Norm Poynter & Roy Knive. Before we discuss the “why” of Data Management let’s first ground ourselves on the meaning. First, it’s not Big Data, it’s not Data Analytics, and it’s not a Data Lake. All lovely terms which by themselves mean very little. According to the Data Management Association[…]

Selecting Our Conference Venue

  Finding the perfect venue for our conference is almost as challenging as it is rewarding. We strive to satisfy everyone with the location and venue choices, but it’s a lot easier said than done. Part of the challenge is that our community is located everywhere and over time this will become a global event, making[…]